Australian Std – placing loadbearing hatch with Dynamo?


Here in Australia all the loadbearing elements on a suspended slab are shown as ‘hatched”.
The current workflow is to have 3 views overlaid on top of each other on a sheet.
First view is the normal view showing beams annotation etc
Second view shows the loadbearing elements under ie a view that is cut say 900 below floor level
Third view is to show walls and columns above as the second view ‘stuff up’ the cut patterns

This is quite annoying as this is required for General Arrangement and Reinforcement plans, and I hope this can be solved with Dynamo.
At this stage the layouts will on separate sheets ie GA Reo plans will not be on the same sheet.

I am OK with placing the GA layouts and reinforcement layouts manually on sheets but am hoping to be able duplicate and place the other 2 views on the sheets – on top of my GA and reo layout.

My below script Duplicate a view – apply viewtemplate and place view on sheet.
But it is not very flexible:
For example, if I want to select several views at the same time – what would be the best approach to this?

Any suggestion would be much apricated.

Test_PlaceViewOnSheet.dyn (55.7 KB)
Test_PlaceViewOnSheet.dyn (55.7 KB)


Can you post a pic of the final product?