Attaching baseplates to columns


i have created this to try connect baseplates to multiple columns. baseplate is a face based family

what i’m trying to do is select column and baseplate type and index 0 of the element faces list is always the bottom face so filter that out and attach to it. I’ve got variations of this to work by manually selecting the columns and faces but this negates the reason for creating this. please help I’ve about 400 columns to do thanks,


You’re getting the first item in the list of element’s faces… which is the first sublist representing one element. You need to use list levels or lacing to get the first element from each sublist.

thanks i thought that would filter all index 0’s i’ll look into that.

probably should have posted the error message see below:

Warning: FamilyInstance.ByFace expects argument type(s) (FamilyType, Surface, Point, Vector), but was called with (Revit.Elements.FamilyType, Revit.GeometryReferences.ElementFaceReference, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Vector).

also column location is giving a z value of zero base of the columns are modelled about 18m highter

You’re supplying ElementFaces and not Surfaces. You’ll probably have to get the surfaces a different way.

ok I got this working thanks for your help Nick.

one problem i have i need to flip the orientation after placement I’ve tried a few of the package nodes but no luck. anyone any advice?

I think that’s an issue with placing face-based families. You’ll probably have to use the API or a custom node to flip the workplane.

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ye discovered this googling through my issues. surprised no-one has created a custom node for this

I wonder if any of the custom package authors are up for creating such a node?


I don’t know if it’s still a relevant topic but you could use that method to get the bottom face and column center point for base plate positionning.


Not sure if this has been resolved, I would have nested the baseplate family into the column family myself. Could use dynamo to add and autopopulate parameter feilds for new typs if needed.

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