Attach baseplates to columns


is there a way through dynamo to attach a face based baseplate family to the underside face of a lot of columns?


There should be. You can get the surfaces of the column, filtering by orientation (surface normal that has z = -1), and then use FamilyInstance.ByFace to put a family on that face.

thanks Kenny what about a lot of columns and making sure they’re centred would this be possible? also the orientation always has to be flipped when you attach them is there a way to autiomise this? cheers

I believe attaching by face should automatically orient them to the face as long as orient is enabled inside the family. As for the center point, you can get the center point of a surface using UV parameters 0.5

cheers Kenny any chance of creating an example to get me started? new to this

The best way to start is with the DynamoPrimer, if you do not know how to work with Dynamo. Go through it and come back to @kennyb6’s posts, it should be pretty easy.

ok i’ll give it a go thanks