Associate child element to main Revit element


I’ve been trying around last night all sort of solution to this problem using different packages, but it seems i cant find one.

The problem was, how can i associate child element (Stair-Run) to the parent Revit Stair element. I am using Stair By Component, so the parent element and the child element has different set of element ID. Now i already filtered out the child element using Stair-Run Categories node (116 items) and managed to cut it down to final 2 items (as shown on the pic) after applying some set of rules. But the question is, how can i associate (exactly identify) these child element to their parent elements?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @rexfrancojesse

Why not get stairs directly from Stair Runs using Python?

All the list of members for Stair Runs are listed in Revit API Docs


Fantastic. Thanks @Kulkul for the help.

Do you have any documentation for revit api phyton syntax? Thanks.

It’s actually the normal Revit SDK. You can download a local copy of the DotNet samples and help files at the bottom of this page:

Otherwise you can try using the online-help from here:, though I’ve found the local help to be more useful.

Biggest issue is that those files are geared towards using C# instead of Python. Though calling the methods from the SDK’s built-in objects is pretty similar in the two languages.

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