Assigning Materials from one family to another

Hello everyone!!! I am trying to assign materials from one family to another (from one window instance to another). I have come out with this graph but as you can see i am getting an error at the end. Can you please check it and point what I am doing wrong ? Thank you in advance


The node Elements.GetParameterValueByNameTypeorInstance expects an element and you are giving it a Family Type.

@mellouze is right. Just use All Elements of Family Type node. One more thing, why don’t you directly type in the name of the parameter you want to change?

Here is what I tried but I get the error, even though both family have the same paramters names, and @lucamanzoni I would like the grapth to be less crowded, without writing manually every parameter

Apparently the second family has no parameter with that name.
Are you sure they have exactly the same name? Maybe in one family is instance parameter and in the other type parameter? Can you show the node previews and maybe connect a node “All Parameters” to both to check the list of available parameters?
PS. To have the graph less crowded was also my target :wink:

Here are the parameters from the other window

Have you tried with Cross Product lacing?


I think the problem is a space left at the end of your strings.
Try with " : " in your String.Split node (so, with spacebar before and after)

It worked, thank you very much for your help:hugs::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Great, finally! please don’t forget to mark the topic as solved :wink: