Artificial lighting analysis

Hi. Can I calculate or analysis artificial lighting in dynamo?

You can do pretty much anything in a program with enough creativity. Begin your question with what you have tried or researched already - otherwise I guarantee you will get very little assistance. A major part of programming is doing research - without this skill you will not be able to become one.

What type of studies are you trying to achieve? Which aspects of them require automation? How would you do it if you had to do it manually?

If you just want to do a proper artificial lighting study you will probably need an addin that accesses extra libraries dedicated to the tasks involved - as it comes Dynamo isn’t a lighting simulation studio. I’d suggest looking into apps like this one:

Think Dialux could be an option to and think its free…and i have seen some few dynamo packages support that workflow…probably it could work…

It all depends on the purpose:

  • if this is for a precise calculation with calculation of uniformities, glare, etc., it will actually be necessary to use specialized calculation software (Relux, Dialux, etc.)

  • if this is for an estimated lighting calculation based on a number of luminaires, Revit already allows this (need to set correctly the photoelectric characteristics of luminaires, and characteristics of spaces)

  • if this is for a quantitative estimate you can try to calculate it see here

Note when you place a luminaire in a space, Revit calculates automatically the utilization

this article may help you.