Array generic models with parameter name running number

Hi all,

Firstly, i am a beginner in Dynamo, and i have generally had good success from researching the forums for solutions but i havent found one i can use to modify for my issue here.

My issue : i have created conceptual modules using “Model in place - generic model” and created a Parameter called “Module Name” for one level for each block. i would like to array or copy up these generic models to make up the block of 23 levels. But at the same time, i would like the parameter to change (highlighted in yellow) for each level i array or copy up. The floor to floor height is fixed at 2.8m
i have already filled up this parameter with the appropriate name.

The rest of the Module Name will remain the same except for the L03, which is basically the level to change to L04 and L05 and so forth so that i have unique names for each module

Any help with a dynamo script is greatly appreciated.

Let me try something for you.
Could you maybe share you Revit File? Would save me a lot of work

This is what i have so far, but i am not sure if this will work because i dont have any reference objects to test this on:

Dynamo Forum Post 16-12-2019 ariffin.dyn (29.9 KB)

It seems i cant upload because i am a new member of the forum

perhaps you can download from this link

do you want each generic model have a new name or in groups? By their clusters

i have already given the correct name for each generic model in that parameter. but for above floors, they have the same parameter name as the below model except the L03 will be L04 and then L05 and so on and so forth until L23

Oh so the Module level is the input for the L01 to L23 name?

oh no Sorry Daan, you can ignore Module level parameter.
i would like the level change to be under the parameter " Module Name"
this is because, i require 6000 unique names for the 6000 modules

Okay i see, but how do you want to name those Modules? Is it just counting from 0 to 6000+ or is there something more to it?

if you take a look at the example here. for this level, this module is called M5R1MBn_B1EL03U330
so for the generic model that goes above this, it will be called M5R1MBn_B1EL04U330

What do you mean above? You mean the corresponding Module Level?

meaning, i wish to array this same generic model 23 times to make up the 23 floors. but the parameter name under " Module Name" the L03 will be L04 and so on until L23,
I hope i am making sense here.

Oh so you want to translate the geometry 23 times in height also?

yes, these generic model will be array up, but i wish for the Module Name parameter, under level to increase as well. just the part where it says L03 then L04.

eventually it should be like this, 23 floors up. but the parameter name is unique for every generic model

i can array in Revit without the use of Dynamo, but the parameter will not update. and because i have to do this for more than 6000 modules, it takes a long time.

Yes i understand what you are trying to achieve, but you dont have your Generic Models Linked to any Levels. So i have no idea how to assign a Element to a corresponding Level

Okay, let me try something!

Appreciate the help Daan

Could you maybe link your model with your modules arrayed on top of each other? I think Revit doesnt like it when you try to place 1000 familyinstances at the same time.

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hi Daan,

Apologies, as a new user i had limits to the number of messages i can type in.

pls find link to the arrayed model