Arrangement of Rockbolts/Anchors along an Excavation Line

Hi Guys,

For a study project i need to align rock bolts around my excavation line. The rock bolt must be normal to the Excavation line on specific points.
I already do it with circle By center point radius normal block. That works fine but here the rock bolts were not a family.

And when its not a family i have it not in my component list later in revit project.
Is there a solution to do this with a family?
I only found the FamilyInstance set Rotation block. But theres only a rotation about the z-axis possible.
Thank you for your help!

Here is my simplified Dynamo File for the rock bolt family. Where can i get the right angle for the normal direction on the excavation line?

rockbolt_dynamoforum.dyn (106.6 KB)
anker.rfa (352 KB)
aussenschale_outer_anker.rfa (588 KB)

Thank you!

Have you tried using NormalAtParameter?

I used the Curve.NormalAtParameter block for the first example in the first post. With the Normal at Parameter block i get the direction for the normal parameter for the circle by centerpoint block.

But i find no block to place the family by direction vector. Only by degree.

If you’re placing some kind of parametric family where the angle is a parameter you should probabbly calculate the angle between the normal and, looking at your picture, the horizontal plane. You can calculate that in dynamo and then feed every instance of the family with the appropriate angle.

@maffler Hey, was you able to solve this problem ?