ArchiLab - Schedule Formatting

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I have started using the Schedule Formatting Node from the ArchiLab library. But I would like to know what if one of the parameters such as Column Heading is not provided can the script still run? I seem to only be able to get the custom node to work if I have specified every parameter.

I noticed in the code that there are if statements which I assume is to allow for certain parameters not to be specified.

if heading != None:
	field.ColumnHeading = heading

What I find interesting is that “None” is not highlighted in anyway in the Python Script which leads me to believe it may not be recognized?


What am I missing? My current Dynamo version:

Thank you for your time.

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Nikhil Makan

It’s quite the opposite. It checks that the input value is not null/None. Basically it’s a required input. You must supply it.

Thanks Konrad, I obviously misinterpreted it.