Arc Coordination

Hi Guys

Is there a way to get the X,Y points of ARC at specific Z point ?


Finding X and Y shouldn’t be a problem as soon as you can select the point on your arc by its Z value…

can you show which node, can do that

Thank you

I would use the Z values of the start point of the curve, of the wanted point and of the end point and remap them between 0 and 1 with a Math.RemapRange node. The resulting value in the middle of the list can then be used with a Curve.PointAtParameter node…

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Thank you, This is gd idea

I tried it and it works indeed :relaxed:
but I had to insert a Curve.Reverse node before Curve.PointAtParameter to make it work correctly…

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@Mohammad_Nawar The intersection of the arc with a plane at the required height (Z) should do


this also gd idea I will try it, thank you man