Apply 'Lintel' parameter only to required doors


I’m not asking anything this time. Just made this workflow and want to share it.

In the project I’m working on there are a lot of doors hosted by blockwork walls that require a lintel on top of the door, whereas some of them are hosted by self-supported firelined partition wall (have steelwork inside, so there is no need for lintels).

Instead of checking doors one by one, this script will check if the hosting wall name contains the word ‘firelined’ and if so remove the lintel parameter from the door, else apply it.

The same could be done for blockwork openings, to match the fire rating of hosting wall and hosted door, etc.

I hope you find it useful,



@franciscusm Thanks for sharing. Next time when you want to share something make sure you assign on share category.


You’re welcome, sorry about the category.