Apostrophes Different In Dynamo 2.0 - Revit Schedules Not Filtering

Has anyone noticed that apostrophes are different in Dynamo 2.0? I was having trouble with Revit not filtering a schedule correctly after I updated to Dynamo 2.0 and edit some of my old scripts. First I couldn’t spot the difference between these two:
Don’t Schedule
Don’t Schedule

The lower one “Don’t Schedule” was done in Dynamo 1.3
The upper one “Don’t Schedule” was done in Dynamo 2.02
When you are typing the Apostrophes in 1.3 you get this: ’ in 2.02 you get this: ’ and they are treated completely different in the Revit scheduling filters. I couldn’t see why it happened till I started to look through the scripts and saw the new updated in 2.02 the apostrophes are really the prime symbol. I was trying to figure out how to even type the character. But I switched back and forth from 1.3 to 2.02 and saw each one typed it differently. I had to copy and paste them in from a text file because I couldn’t get it to type the hooked style.


Can you provide an image - the forum is formatting both ’ and ’ the same so I have no idea where you’re after. Screenshot of the graphs would be best.

I was mistaken that it changed in 2.02. What is happening is when someone copies the text from a Revit filter the apostrophes are different than what is typed in Dynamo. The simple solution is don’t use the ’ at all. I had them switch to Do Not Schedule.