API/Dynamo/Python Interoperability question

Hi All,

The company I work for is going through some rebranding, and I have opened a few topics here trying to figure out how to rename line styles and object styles. I have been told the API doesn’t allow this.

My (probably silly) questions are this: Is the API not code, and thus able to be worked around with python or something of the sort? Is there no way to get around this limitation? I am by no means an expert, and perhaps I am researching wrong. I could not find anything here to answer this, but maybe I am using the wrong search terms.

If it is possible, can someone point me in the right direction of where to start my search?

Many thanks!

The API is the available code. Not everything that an application does or can do is available in the API. If something isn’t available in the API that means the only way to accomplish it is through the application’s UI (ie. do it manually).

So it must be done by hand then, and there is no way to automate it with python. Thank you for answering this for me @Nick_Boyts!

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