Annotation: Text Notes or Material Tags with Translation

Hi All, Few weeks I started learning Dynamo and like no other a newbie. I would like to request for help if their is a definition available for the automation for below setup (English & Vietnamese translation under). We also would like to be applicable on View Callout and Label Annotations. Thanks in advance and hopefully get a workflow, definition or available information . Cheers, Crush


This is probably possible using text but it would be easier to use tags or keynotes. You’ll need to set up a shared parameter and assign it to all the categories you need. I would then suggest creating an Excel spreadsheet with 2 columns: 1 English, the other the Vietnamese translation. If want you want to be translated can be scheduled, you could export this via BMlink and use vlookup to automatically find the translations before pushing the results back. Dynamo would use a similar methodology but eliminating BIMlink.