Annotation Tag Failure from Tag Type ID

I have been trying to create a multi-category tag using the Create Annotation Tag from Archi-Lab, which replaced the previous custom tagging node. However, in the TagType input, where I am placing the family type for the tag I need, it keeps giving me an error: “The type typeId is not valid for this element.”
Parameter Type: typeID

After looking into this, I concluded it could only be one of two things: this new node no longer accepts multi-category tags, or it no longer accepts the typeID, which is 7 digits, as opposed to 6. I couldn’t open the previous node to see what the difference was, but this one crippled me, as ALL the other OOTB tag nodes will cause Revit to crash.

Is there any (custom) node which can accept a multi-category Tag as a Type, since the “Create Multi-Category Tag” node is deprecated?

Hi @Nix,

You can modify the Create annotation tag like in this topic:

Thanks. When I first created this post, my computer didn’t have IronPython installed (company computer swapped and Revit 2018.2 installed with Dynamo and no IronPython), so I couldn’t do much about fixing it. I’ll give it a shot now.