Annotation Geometry

I am working on a script that automatically numbers the details on a sheet. The one thing I’m having trouble with is getting the geometry of a sheet’s titleblock. Element.geometry does not seem to be working. Any tips on how to get a geometry approximation of a titleblock (or any other annotation, for that matter)?

Hi Bo,

Clockwork has a bunch of awesome nodes that can do that for you:

However you’ll need to slightly modify the “BoundingBox.ByElement” custom node so that it can accept sheet views:

Thanks Dimitar!

The workaround I came up with was to create a nested element that had a “Length” and “Height” parameter that I could pull from. I then used Clockwork’s Element.Location node to get the bottom corner point and added the height and length to create a rectangle (see attached image).

I was unaware of the Clockwork bounding box node you showed, so I’m glad to have that in the arsenal for the future.

One other quick note: I think that the Bounding Box node works without editing it (at least it did for me). It seems that Revit treats views and sheets in a similar way, so most nodes that work for views also work for sheets (although not vice versa). If you use the Select Views node, it even shows the sheets in the list.