Animate family displacement

Project compressed.rvt (3.6 MB) Fire Evacuation 22-11.dyn (51.3 KB)
Dear everyone,
I was assigned the task of “simulating” the evacuation route of occupants in a room. So what I did was to create a curve of the route and define certain points as the steps of displacement. Then I assigned a parameter to the family as the displacement step. With the Dynanimator package and the use of the node Dynanimate Numeric Parameter I was supposed to change the parameter values according to the specified iterations and see in several pngs the progression of the displacement. But this doesn’t work. At the first “Run” no displacement takes place and in the second “Run” it takes the family directly to the last position. The passthrough node didn’t help get the in-between positions. I would be greatly grateful for any response.

I would suggest you to put your nodes in a custom node and or or try using list lacing and levels to get the desired solution.
Let me know if it helps.
Something like this: Run list items one after other

In general I get the thinking, but it is quite abstract still to understand which part I need to include in the custom node and how this would work.

here you go,hope this helps,

sample.dyn (24.1 KB)

The logic is simple when you put the nodes in custom node it run at once without having to run and pass the output.

Inside the custom node:

Looks very promising. I hope I can make good use of it. Thanks a lot.

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I feel like I’m closer, but still there is a setback. Instead of getting 22 images, as supposed I’m only getting one in the final position.

Not sure why could you share your file will check and get back tomorrow

Fire Evacuation 25-11 based on Saju’s.dyn (44.1 KB) DisplacementSequence.dyf (11.8 KB) Million thanks. No words to describe my gratitude.

I dont quite get your problem It works good for me…!

and the reason why it outputs null in place of element is because the node inside the custom node does so…

I just noticed that It does create one img only if you select an existing file in the file path node,
try typing the new name and click open.

if this works you can add a input for file name and append it to the path.

You are the best man. Cannot imagine how thankful I am

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One more thing. Would you imagine it would be much harder for many people evacuating different rooms? Would it be possible the progression of all of them to be shown on those images?

hey, I think you are asking for n routes with simultaneous progression Exported,Correct me If I am wrong
You could do that by wrapping all the set location nodes into the custom node or using proper list structures with the same node.
That said I would suggest you to start a new topic for it.