AnalyticalPanel.ByElement not creating multiple panels when geometric model has multiple sketch loops

HI All,

I am trying to use the new AnalyticalPanel.ByElement node in Revit 2023 to create an analytical element from a floor slab that has multiple loops. The help on the node states that multiple analytical panels will be created

The image below shows my simple revit model where I have modelled 2 balcony slabs within the same floor slab element. The RH view is the Analytical model where only one analytical panel has been created, I was expecting two

Am I miss reading the help or is the node not working properly?

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The method being used involves a single curve loop only.

You can prove this to yourself by trying to create an analytical panel with multiple loops manually via the UI.

That said - I can’t tell what you did on your script, but I’d assume that if you were able to achieve two curve loops out of you floor geometry, then you should be able to get two separate analytical panels made. It’s just a matter of list management and working to ensure that you are feeding the analytical panel node a set of nested lists of two separate curve loops (not one list of curves that is actually two separate curve loops). I’ve not actually used the node in question, but you could try out doing it yourself via Python and likely achieve the desired result.

@Brett_Taylor One question I found the script that use this node, but is not working and I am not able to see the name of the package in the workspace reference, could you tell me the name of the package?

Hi @Luiscko , This node is out of the box Revit 2023