Always Creating New Revit Instance


I have 2 unrelated questions:

  1. My Revit geometry is created and modified thru an excel spreadsheet. If I were to modify the spreadsheet and run dynamo while I was still in the revit file the geometry will update (perfect). But if I were to close the revit model and open the next day, then a new instance will be created. How can I set it up where it will always modify the existing geometry? (see figure 1)
  2. How do I get equal spacing? I have 11 points (U & V) along a curved surface. I want to measure the equal spacing along the edge instead of the curve. (figure 2)
Thank you in advance!!






I won’t be able to address your first question.

The below image might help you with the second one. The file for the same is here


Thank you Vikram. I will try what you’ve suggested.