All indices of lines

Hello there,
I want to find all indices of dynamo curves. The AllIndicesOf node does work with lines… sort of. So it works 90% of the time and it does not give reliable output (see image below). I guess it was not designed for such elements more for string and numbers. However it is still interesting it does not reject lines.
Else if it should work let me know I can report it.

I’m open to any solution on how to do the same. I want to retain the order of lines in the list after removing duplicates so I can have my closed polygons intact and I can chop the list as the original.

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Think you might have answered your own question to some extent.

Try adding a String.FromObject node before both imputs to the List.AllIndicesOf node.

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indeed. i like these stupid simple solutions, i was thinking all kind of complicated way to solve and organize geometries.