Advance Steel BOM

Hi i need to have a norm code for each part in BOM. For example: in first column -profile name (PIPE 42.4)
in second column -norm code (DIN-EN-10210-2). How can i do that ?

Typically, the profile is the element’s Type Name and the standard is under its Structural Material parameter. For example:

Type: HSS8X8X1/2
Structural Material: Metal - Steel - ASTM A992

However, the information you are able to get from Revit depends entirely upon the families that are being used in your project. The default family for Universal Beams in the metric template includes an additional type parameter called Code Name which specifies the exact British Standard of the steel member, but this parameter is not always used.

You’ll have to check either the Structural Material instance parameter or Code Name type parameter for the information you want, but it’s not guaranteed to be populated.

Was this pertaining to Dynamo for Advanced Steel or Dynamo for Revit?

My problem concerns Advance Steel not Revit. Please see screens beelow:

On First picture you can see that euro norm code is shown only for bolts. And I want to that every single position have code like that (pipes, plates etc.) . However Advance Steel can not show me this information so i need to use dynamo to take a “formula” from higher level of pipe parameter.
Bolts have much simple way to get this information so Advance Steel can do that himself.
I hope that everything is clear ? :slight_smile:

See below:
This is the way from where advance steel take information about norm code in bolt parameter window.

And this is the way from where need to take this information in any other case (pipes, beams, angles, plates etc.). See below: