Adjusting the camera focal length in Dynamo

I am very surprised that even the latest Revit 2019, does not allow to numerically set the length of the camera lens.
It can intuitively be changed by using the: right click on “Full Navigation Wheel” -> “Increase/Decrease Focal Length”:

But there is no way of checking what is the current value.

Can at least Dynamo do this? Access through Revit API a property of the lens length, and if not set it, then at least read its current value?

Any reply would be helpful.

Revit API exposes only so much info for cameras. Dynamo is limited acordingly.

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Thank you for the quick help Jacob!
I am wondering if some of those properties can be used to calculate the lens length.

I tried to access two of them, and the returned type is ‘ironpython.runtime.types.reflectionproperty’:

@JacobSmall do you know how to return double values from these two properties, instead of ‘ironpython.runtime.types.reflectionproperty’ type?

You need to provide a camera element not just ask for the property. Likely this is an input in your python node.

Jacob, do you by chance have a screenshot of I can reference the camera? Which Dynamo node do I have to plug into the “IN[0]” input?

This isn’t something I have personally studied, but I know others have exposed info about them. Look into nodes for getting the location, plane, and direction of existing 3D views.