Adjacent Faces Oppositely Oriented

I am trying to Offset a PolySurface, what does “Adjacent Faces Oppositely Oriented” error mean. I had previously tested with a another Civil 3D surface and it worked great! this particular one I get the error!

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks,

@marshmallow it could be that offsetting a triangle breaks the continuity of the PolySurface.
Do you really need to offset or to translate vertically the surface?

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1
If I translate vertically, it will get lowered. I want to offset, so that the surface will move along its normal vector rather than the z axis

I did a screencast at this Link to explain the issue I am trying to solve; it works on some surfaces and not others which is a little confusing me

Thank you for your help,

Then I assume that the offset produced a discontinuity flipping at least one of the subfaces.
Take what happens when you offset a polyline that contains an arc when the offset is greater than the arc radius (or with a segment that is shorter than the offset)… and imagine how it can affect a PolySurface.


I see, thank you for the explanation. I tried thickening it to a solid, and I get a different error but it means the same thing… I was so happy and excited when it worked initially.
Perhaps if I tinker with offsetting a Plane at each point along it’s normal that might work?!

At a first glance it does not seem an easy task but you are definitely more than welcome to try and find a solution. And of course share your findings with the the community.