Adding shared Parametrs from text file to RFA



@Mark.Ackerley, you are welcome… I will try to see if I can do some improvements on the nodes before “release”.

@s.rooble, could you use some of it? did this solve your issue as well?

…and may you all have a great Christmas :slight_smile:


Dear Both @erfajo @Mark.Ackerley I want to thank you for solving the issue I will try this when I jump back it and give it a try


I have now finilized the nodes… they ended a bit different than the beta builds. First they got their own “class” named “SharedParameter” and I ended creating all in all three nodes. In the last run I ended creating two “query” nodes getting all the parameters in the SP file and group them either by type or by group name.

Therefore does the updated graph look like this…

Add Share Parameter to RFA.dyn (52.5 KB)

Orchid update feed

I Can now thank you so much after the migration and dealing with the previous issues I am now able to add shared parameters to the families however I can not get the type parameters on there for some reason


please start a new topic and refer to this one for historic links.
Next… always include image of your graph and the graph file…