Adding Shared Parameters to a family

Maybe this post is closed now but can someone point me in the direction to geting the DanEDU package. the on I have dont seem to have the “DanEDU.FamilyDocument.CreateSharedParameter” node in it are any of the other node require to write to a family.

I’m trying to add parameters to my families, but cant find the packages to add them to my version of Dynamo 1.3,

I have read that it may have changed to Orchid but when downloading the file there nothing in the download.

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That is because you get ONE node with instructions on how to install Orchid from GitHub…

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Sorry, I’m new to dynamo so i’m still trying to understand how to install some of the package. never would have thought to look in side the node for the instruction on installing the other nodes.


Have you get it done?

Hey, you might find this useful…

Orchid is unusual, it isn’t on the package manager & has it’s own installer.

Hope that’s useful,


Hey @erfajo, since the DanEDU package isn’t a thing anymore, i can’t find the FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameter node in Orchid. The SharedParameter.Add node that is most similar to that node but it has the output “parameter” instead of “document”, so i cant connect it with the applications.closedocument node. Any workaround? I’m using dynamo 2.0.4 btw.

See link below:

Hello erfajo, I am Carmine from Italy.

I am trying to set shared parameters in a family using Orchid package

I downloaded Orchid 212 and the sample package, as I am using Revit 2022; after installing Orchid and opening Revit&Dynamo, no Orchid nodes show.

I then checked that my Dynamo build is 2.10, hence I thought that Orchid is not working as it runs on Dynamo 2.12 build.

I think I should updated my Dynamo version to 2.12 (, second .zip from top in the list).

Am I correct? In case I was, could you provide me tips to correctly update my Dynamo, please?

The only way to update Dynamo for Revit 2020 and up is to update Revit.

Bello Jacob, thank you for replying. I am working on Revit 2022, is there a chance to update it?

Yes - updates to Revit can be applied via the Autodesk account portal.

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