Adding Parameters to elements list based on levels for Tagging


I am relatively new to Dynamo. I am trying to Push parameters into comments of all slabs in my model so dat I can Tag them and also later use it in Navisworks for some simulation. So I have this bunch of codes for slab dat is generated as a list and I want each of them to get assigned to the element tree for all the slab in that level… What dynamo does is it pushes them serially. I want them to be assigned based on the list itself and not how it does by flattening the group. Any advice would be highly Appreciated. Since plan to use this also for all my columns beams and other elements :slight_smile:

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Hey Amrit


how about this? (i used the count nodes just to automatically adjust de number of comments to the number of levels)


Omg… Yep… That works… out perfectly. I need to sort out my levels serially now though cause for some reason it doesn’t wanna display it based on the elevation but it lists it so randomly… but yes u gave me the perfect solution. Thank you so much :slight_smile: