Adding a parameter to a model line element

Is this possible?

I am trying to add some identifying information to a model line so recall this model line at a later time.

Hi Chueb,

It not possible to add parameter to model line element :frowning: . However you can create “Groups” for those model line element and name them for the information.

Or if it’s sufficient to have straight lines maybe you could use a line based family. That way you could add all the parameters you want.

If you really want to add some information to line elements, you could use the API’s extensible storage:

Tho if it’s just something simple, I’d try to stick with line based detail components (2d only), maybe reference planes (they can have unique names) or even property lines (they have a comments parameter but are 2d only)

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Thanks all, I was able to use Jostein’s method and it works great!