Add Time Span

Hello there!

My goal is to add the time.Span from the list to the last calculated ‘date.Time’

What would be the smarter way than which is shown on the screenshot?


you can connect them direct like this

@khuzaimah.ElecEng thank you for your reply, but

my goal is to add the TimeSpan NOT to the same Date.Time.
I want to add different ( from the list) TimeSpan to the last calculated Date.Time.
For example, 1) I add to TimeSpan (T1) to the initial Date.Time (D1) and get new Date.Time (D2),
2) then T2 + D2 (not D1) = D3, 3) T3 + D3 = D4 etc.

@s.semashka Here is a smarter way. You can do the sum before feeding TimeSpan.Create :sunglasses:


or this

Or if you want all of the values and the final value, use a mass addition method to join those values together in sequence. Lunchbox has a node for this, or you can build your own with a List.Count node, some sequence creation, a List.Drop node, and a Math.Sum node.


Thank you @Kulkul, @khuzaimah.ElecEng, @JacobSmall , I will try to implement “mass addition method”.
I should have written earlier, I want to build a Gantt Chart later on,
so I need all intermediate data, not just the final date.

Could you show how it is going to look?