Add Shared/Project parameters skipping random values

Hi all

This post is related to others i have posted regarding Room Data Sheet automation.
I am coming up against a new issue.
Currently have a project with 2 buildings, each building has approx 300 rooms which we need to populate with RDS data. I have an excel with all the parameters and data that the designers/engineers have filled in. I have been using this spreadsheet to add shared (and project) parameters into the project files. Overall i have a bout 320 custom RDS parameters being added to the project.
The issue i am having is when adding the parameters it will add all the parameters to the shared parameter file, but will only create 90% of them as project parameters. It is random to what parameters are missed out and occasionally it will create all the parameters no problem. I have tried multiple variations of the definition but cant seem to troubleshoot this. (They need to be Shared parameters so i can use our custom tag)
See images for 2 of the variations of the definition along with an extract of 50 of the parameters i am trying to add in the excel file.

RDS_Parameters.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Any help would be appreciated



Seems to work for me with the file you provided. See below code snippet.

Looks like Revit orders the parameters alphabetically by character rather than by word. So for instance, if your excel file has item1 - item10, then item10 will be listed directly behind item1, and item 20 will be listed behind item2, etc. This may be why you’re seeing the list end at item9 (or wherever it is). I’d scroll back through your parameters list to see if you can find them.

Also, the node was superseded in Dynamo v1.2 with the introduction of list@levels. Check out the documentation here: It might make your life easier in the future.