Add parts under wall to floor by room

I have a script that generates floors by room, while reading the floor finish parameter.

I’m still trying to add the parts of the floor under certain walls.
For instance, under a room bounding wall in yellow (gyproc) that doesn’t go all the way to the stability floor. The floor on each side needs to go to the middle of the wall (green/blue).
The walls can be filtered by base level since we name them ST for stability level en FL for architectural level.

I can figure out how to filter the walls and add the geometry to the floor surface from the room, but I have no idea on how to start creating the geometry and coordinate system for these parts of the floor + have the correct placement (x-translation) on each side of the wall.

Any ideas?

My first idea would be to replace the curves of the roomboundaries with the curves of the location lines from those specific walls… This approach doesn’t need a x-translation/shift to position the piece under the wall…

I have attempted replacing the curves from the room boundaries with the curves from the walls, but for some reason the original room boundaries are still in place and the springs LineLoop.Merge-node is not working…

@Laura_POLO when you are getting the boundary lines of Rooms, you can set an option to go to the middle of the wall, instead of to the face. If you do that you will end up with what you are looking for without having to translate the geometry in any way.

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@Konrad_K_Sobon How would i use this option? With which nodes?
Can I select certain walls (based on base constraint, the ones in yellow*) or does it do all the walls?

I’m getting the room boundaries with clockwork right now:

*To clarify: only the walls in yellow need the floor under them. The other walls don’t.
I can filter/seperate them since they have a different base constraint.