Add multiples sublists

How to add A and B together, to get C?

add multiple lists.dyn (8.8 KB)

@Xiaofei_Ying here’s one way

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(a<1><2>) + (b<1>);


The solution looks amazing, but what does the “(a<1><2>) + (b<1>)” mean?

Any reference to this?

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From the Dynamo Primer

Numbers in angled brackets “<>” define the hierarchy of the resulting nested list: <1>,<2>,<3>, etc.

For a better understanding, look for material on Replication Guides in Design Script

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I read " Replication Guides in Design Script" and I can understand it with one single tie replcation guides, like x<1>+y<2>

But I couldn’t find info about multi-tier replcation guides, like x<1><2>,

Q1: what does the second <2> mean?

Q2: I find that x<1><1>+y<1> gives the same result as x<1><2>+y<1>, I don’t get it.


Just the value of the number isn’t necessarily significant, it’s the position in a sequence of replication guides (and the number) that matters.

See if you can decipher something from the variations below.
Sorry if I’m adding to your confusion :wink:

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