Add FCU to Every Zone

Hello All,

I am trying create a Dynamo script that will put a FCU (or some other piece of mech equip) in the center of every zone and apply the zone name as the FCU mark. I have a similar script that applies diffusers to spaces which I started from, but this zone version I’m trying to create comes up with several errors. I suspect that the method of getting the center point of an HVAC zone is not the same as getting the center point of a space? It would be greatly appreciate if someone could take a look at the script and point me in the right direction.

Here is the Dynamo script:

Spaces - All - Add VRF FCU Test 2

Thank you


For quick workaround:

filter MEP Spaces (‘zone’ parameter) and HVAC Zones (‘name’ parameter). Match them. Once you get MEPspaces aligned to correct ‘zone’ name you should be able to get space geometry -> join geometries/surfaces/whatever -> center point.

Thank you. Most zones have multiple spaces. Is there a way to get a list of spaces containing only one space for each zone?

How did you align the zone with its associated spaces?
I have a zone’s name list and space’s “Zone” list and I am trying to make a list which has zone and its associated spaces. Any idea how to do that?