Add family types from excel to multiple families

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I’m trying to create new family types using an excel file to pull the data. What makes it difficult it’s that each family has unique types and parameter values. The script that I currently have adds all types found in excel to all families from directory. Also, I’m not sure how to set the parameters values per family after each type has been created.

Create Family Types to Current File with Excel Data.dyn (48.5 KB)
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It’s best practice in this forum not to duplicate posts or ask the same question multiple times.

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@SeanP I made a second post because this graph is different, and hoping to get a quicker solution to my issue

I agree with Sean on this one - let’s keep it to one conversation in one thread, over here: Create Family Types

Closing this thread accordingly.

For what it’s worth this has been discussed many times, and there are a TON of issues with editing family documents en-masse like this. You’re likely better off bringing all the families into the active document, creating the family types and editing the parameters there, and then saving out the library (that last part would be a single manual step - everything else can be automated via Dynamo using very common packages and out of the box nodes).