Add Curve lenghts and divide by specific distance

Hi It’s me again, Question, Is there any nodes tht will add 2 or more selected curves, get the total lenght and then eventually divide them into specific distance, here’s what i have at the moment. Thank you in advance.

Add Curve length and divide by given distance.dyn (79.1 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to manipulate, but you can combine your curves into a single polycurve, get its length, then find the points (or in your case it looks like you want tangents) at certain parameters based on a given length.

Hi nick thanks for the reply, I tried it but doesn’t work for me

What doesn’t work? Are you getting an error? Can you show your graph?

update, i think im close to what i want, it’s just that its not getting the total length of the curves and divide into specific value

My method assumes the total length of your curve is divisible by your specified distance. You may have to extend your curve if this isn’t the case. Or if your specified distance is a maximum allowed distance you can round before getting your curve parameters.

Sorry I think i gave wrong wordings of what I want to achieve…it’s basically putting family at given distance along curves continuously without having started in each line or curve. Thanks Nick

So using your example, if your total curve length of the combined curves is 22800 and your spacing is 5000, you want to place 5 families at 5000 for a total length of 20000, correct?

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Correct, as long as it’s placing continuously with fixed distance that would be great, I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning I’m now using mobile. Thank you very much for your help Nick. Cheers!

Oops, I meant to put a negative in there… The way my script is currently showing the curve gets extended by the remainder instead of shortened. You’ll want to make your remainder a negative value before “extending” the combined curve.

Solved i use curveElement.Curve instead of Element Curves

Hello Nick, from what package is the node curve.length?

Thank you

It’s a core out of the box node.