Adaptive Steel Structure Strategies

Hi there I’m knew to Dynamo -Revit and I’m trying to do a definition for an adaptable steel structure. It is quite simple, so far I have done 2 definitions (2 strategies) and I have doubts about each:

1.- The steel members of the steel frames are drawn one by one (point by point). The problem is that anytime you want to change something in the model the definition runs very slow. Other issue is that the definition for a more complex frame will became a total mess of nodes. The use of python script or code blocks will improve this option.

2.- I used an adaptable generic model as a family for a frame structure. This one, it seems more a Revit way to do things. Now for some reason a don`t really understand why the frame is place rotated in the model. Maybe my family (a really basic one) is missing something i dont know.

I`m looking forward for some advices.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Adaptive Steel Structure 2.dyn (23.9 KB)
SWARQ_Estructura Fachada Norte.rfa (340 KB)
Adaptive Steel Structure 1.dyn (435.1 KB)
Adaptive Steel Structure.rvt (1.4 MB)

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