Adaptive component not following host

I developed a Dynamo script to add an adaptive component to the end of my conduit runs. I’m exporting the coordinates of each component point element for Autocad interaction. All good.
But when I move one of the conduit runs, the adaptive component does not stay attached to it’s original 3D point. If I manually add the adaptive component to the end of a run, that point element DOES follow to it’s new 3D location. How can I use Dynamo to keep the component connected to it’s related conduit hosting 3D point when the run moves or changes shape/direction?

Also, my numbering needs sorting. I would like to get all the conduit runs that connect to each other numbered in order. (see pic) The MEP connector info node give me direction. Can I somehow use that output to control the order of my numbering?
Also tried changing the attachment method of the adaptive component itself - no effect.

Thanks for any help,

Add Adap_PT to Conduit Runs.dyn (81.2 KB)

Adaptive PT - Dynamo attached - lost connection Adaptive PT - Dynamo attached

Test Conduit point object .rvt (3.0 MB)

I am working on something similar. Have you had any success?