Adaptive Component Node Not Working in 0.9.1

I downloaded 0.9.1 and tried running several definitions that contain the “AdaptiveComponent.ByParameterOnCurveReference” node, and in every case that node does not work in 0.9.1. I ran a copy of the definitions on a different computer that still had 0.9.0 and (without changing anything in the definitions) they work perfectly in 0.9.0. Anyone know how to resolve this? If not, where can I find 0.9.0 to reinstall it?

You can download 0.9.0 from here

However, it seems to be working alright in 0.9.1


It’s nice that it works for you, but nothing is working for me in 0.9.1. I’ve tried three different files, two different methods, three different adaptive components. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Dynamo twice, this node just simply does not work in 0.9.1.

In the meantime, when I try the same things in 0.9.0 it always works perfectly.