ACOPackage 1.0.3 What's New?

Hi everybody!
ACOPackage 1.0.3 is lastest version.
What’s new updated ?

• Annotation:
– Multi-Rebar Annotation: follow 2 direction.

• Boundingbox:
This is new group in ACOPackage 1.0.3:
– Intersects: retrieve true if 2D element intersect 3D element, retrieve false if 2D element do not intersect 3D element (check intersection on Plan Views)
– ElementIntersect: retrieve elements in sub list intersect with element main

• Modify:
– IsPainted: retrieve true if Revit Face (PlanarFace) is paited, false if Revit Face (PlanarFace) is not paited
– PaintPlanarFace: paint Revit Face (PlanarFace)
– SetGridExtendType: switch 3D to 2D
– SetLevelExtendType: switch 3D to 2D

• TextNotes:
This is new group in ACOPackage 1.0.3:
– BaseDirection: retrieve Base Direction of TextNotes

Welcome to ACOPackage !!!