Accessing Graphic Display Options - Depth Cueing Parameters

Hi all,

Has anyone here had any luck on accessing the depth cueing parameters (from graphic display options) in Dynamo? We’re looking to control these via Dynamo, because of the number of unique view ranges we have a view template won’t suffice.

I believe graphic display options are usually controlled using Python, the API has the following method:

I wanted to know if anyone could help us access this for Revit 2019 onwards?

If I recall you will have to setup the depth cueing settings first. The methods to do so are here: ViewDisplayDepthCueing Members

Then you will have to apply the depth cueing to the view with the setting here: SetDepthCueing Method

Python or a Zero Touch node will be required. Due to the fact that you will likely have multiple sets of views and a list of depth cueing settings, I think you will want to wrap this in a custom node.