Access Elements Within Family



Hello all,

I am using Dynamo with the Clockwork package for this. I am trying to have Revit show the assigned worksets for the individual items inside of an instanced family. Currently, Revit shows each element under the workset of the overall family. This is problematic because I am trying to break up a bathroom stall into varying worksets. Grab bars and stall wall as “Equipment” and toilet as “Plumbing”, etc. How can I leverage Dynamo as a tool that allows the true workset of each element inside of a family to show up rather than taking on the workset of the family itself? I have attached my progress using the Clockwork package but only the grab bars are showing up as subcomponents. Can I get some help as to what direction I should take to accomplish this goal? Thanks a ton guys!



Can you do this in Revit?
If the answer is no…it will not be possible with Dynamo.



I guess this is the sad truth. Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus, hopefully one day this becomes doable in Revit!