A questions about External References dll's

Hello there!

I was wondering about external references and compiling ZT nodes.
I’m curious to know different ways to include external references in a package. Can it be embebbed in the package dll? or should it be in the same folder?

I notice how most packages includes their external dll’s in the bin folder along the package dll. I even was able to “update a package” by replacing dll version in order to make it work in a newer version of the software( I replaced 2018 tekla dll with 2019 version in bin folder and the nodes worked with tekla 2019)

Thing is, I built a little dll wich has an external reference(not Dynamo or Revit), but it works on its own. If I import it from an empty folder it works the same. And if I put it with a different version of the external dll, I don’t get the same response as in the tekla example. This makes me think the external reference is embebbed in the package dll. But when I looked for info, this doesn’t seem to be the default, and it’s more like a complicated process to get there.

So…it is possible? Wich one should I use? How do I get from one way to the other? Wich one is seen as a “good practice” regarding the community? I guess being able to replace a .dll and “update” a package gives more freedom, and would be more “open”.

Thank u all in advanced!