A+b dropping values obtained from unique keys

I am trying to use unique keys obtained from grouping rooms by their Comments parameter to create a name for new views. I get sorted values as in here unique_keys and try to combine them with a prefix of “M”, by plugging into the code block to the right (“a+b”)

. At this moment one value gets omitted (“176”) and I don’t know why.


It would be easier if I could see a bit more of your graph, maybe with more previews? :slight_smile:

Just incase you don’t know, using File>Capture when you can read the text from one node will export your whole graph as an image with readable text…

I’ll have a guess in the meantime :slight_smile: you have removed an index from your repeated list, maybe that doesn’t give enough repeated items to add to 176? (Or is it 174?)

Hope that helps,


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Of course, my bad. The lists were of different length. Thank you for showing me my mistake :slight_smile:

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