3D Preview with Intel UHD Graphics


Hello everyone,
this problem has already poped-up in the forum:
3D preview doesn’t work in Dynamo

I’ve checked some issues here and i’m quite sure that the lack of dedicated graphic card is here to blame…

I have only Intel UHD Graphics 620

Does anyone know what kind of settings or other magic can help in here?

thanks a lot in advance!



None which I have seen. A dedicated card (not the intel chip which sucks power from the processor) is a system requirement.


After installing Dynamo Studio I got back 3D preview
I’ve done some other changes before as well… e.g. set the highest performance of graphics for Revit (windows settings) or adding DynamoForRevit path in System Variables

anyway, I think that the problem lays in software rather then in hardware


I had a similar problem with my old HP laptop, a while ago though, around when color was being introduced into Dynamo. It had a AMD Radeon-Intel switchable graphics card with very poor driver support from HP (nothing after 2011). Apparently I couldn’t install drivers from AMD, I tried some 3rd party drivers which never really helped and the machine became unstable.

So I was just stuck at an old version of Dynamo till I eventually replaced it with a new machine (Nvidia).

I think graphics drivers also play some role here.

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