3D Annotation Label

So I want to render in a 3D view, mainly for Plangrid BIM a 3D label of the panel number. I have to import into revit our panels from another software. They come in as assemblies into revit. The panel number is stored under the “Comments” value.


I wrote the script to copy this value into the wall that is “hosting” the framing, the wall does not host the framing, but the wall that is related to the family.

When running the script with the common 3D-grid family. It appears in the correct location, but does not seem to update with the correct value.

I attached both the grid family, the test project I am using, and the script.

This account is new to me so access files here: https://we.tl/t-vJ9HvkbekN

It looks like you were setting the wrong parameter. You need to set the parameter that displays the text. Here’s the updated .dyn graph. I’ve included a passthrough node to wait for the wall’s parameter to be set before writing that information to the parameter.
Hope this helps!
Updated .dyn - 3D Panel Labels_PSP.dyn (69.1 KB)

That is working, I had to make some minor changes, but now to get this element to always be correctly oriented. on the exterior face of the wall regardless of which orientation the wall is in.

Okay, so I gave that part a go, and here is what I’ve come up with, it’s about 80-90% the way finished. One thing you’ll need to modify is the plan grid family to be a face based generic model.

There are two nodes you can use to place the element by face. One is an out of the box node, FamilyInstance.ByFace, you’ll need to supply the perpendicular vector to your wall so it orients correctly, I was working on figuring that out, but have to stop to prep for a training.

The next is a node from spring nodes, FamilyInstance.ByFaceAndPoint. This one does not require a vector, but the placement of the family was rotated and not upright. So, here is the graph, the family (FaceBasedModelText.rfa (356 KB) FamilyInstance.ByFace.dyn (32.9 KB) and an image for anyone else joining to help with this issue.
Hope This Helps!

This is fantastic. I am trying to do the same thing but putting a 3D tag on Cable Tray base on some instance parameters. Any help on that one?